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dc.contributor.authorStahl, Ullrich-
dc.contributor.authorVoigt, Achim-
dc.contributor.authorDirschka, Marian-
dc.contributor.authorBarié, Nicole-
dc.contributor.authorRichter, Christiane-
dc.contributor.authorWaldbaur, Ansgar-
dc.identifier.citationStahl, Ullrich y otros (Noviembre, 2017). Long-term stability of polymer-coated surface transverse wave sensors for the detection of organic solvent vapors. Sensors, 17(2529), pp. 1 - 13.es_ES
dc.identifier.otherBIBLIOTECA GENERAL - UCE-
dc.description.abstractArrays with polymer-coated acoustic sensors, such as surface acoustic wave (SAW) and surface transverse wave (STW) sensors, have successfully been applied for a variety of gas sensing applications. However, the stability of the sensors’ polymer coatings over a longer period of use has hardly been investigated. We used an array of eight STW resonator sensors coated with different polymers. This sensor array was used at semi-annual intervals for a three-year period to detect organic solvent vapors of three different chemical classes: a halogenated hydrocarbon (chloroform), an aliphatic hydrocarbon (octane), and an aromatic hydrocarbon (xylene). The sensor signals were evaluated with regard to absolute signal shifts and normalized signal shifts leading to signal patterns characteristic of the respective solvent vapors. No significant time-related changes of sensor signals or signal patterns were observed, i.e., the polymer coatings kept their performance during the course of the study. Therefore, the polymer-coated STW sensors proved to be robust devices which can be used for detecting organic solvent vapors both qualitatively and quantitatively for several years.es_ES
dc.publisher[s.l.]: [s.n.]es_ES
dc.subjectONDA ACÚSTICAes_ES
dc.subjectSENSOR DE GASes_ES
dc.titleLong-term stability of polymer-coated surface transverse wave sensors for the detection of organic solvent vaporses_ES
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