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dc.contributor.authorPalacios Paredes, Edesmin Wilfrido-
dc.contributor.authorBusto Yera, Yailen-
dc.contributor.authorRios, Liz M.-
dc.contributor.authorPeralta Suárez, Luis M.-
dc.contributor.authorYera, Miriam-
dc.identifier.citationPalacios Paredes, Edesmin Wilfrido (2016). Technological proposal for treating wastewater contaminated with nitro aromatic compounds by simulation. Chemical Engineering Transactions, 52: 907-912.es_ES
dc.identifier.otherBIBLIOTECA GENERAL - UCE-
dc.description.abstractDuring the process of producing nitro aromatic hazardous compounds are generated wastewater highly polluting and dangerous for the health and workers safety and to the environment. The present study focuses on carrying out the project of a technology viable in the conditions of the country, for the treatment of wastewater contaminated with nitro aromatic compound (TNR). This compound is dissolved in the wastewater from the production process can form metal salts and very sensitive compounds that accumulate can lead to accidents, hazardous to human health and the environment, which is why it is vitally important disposal. The role of treatment is to achieve the destruction and elimination of nitro aromatic compound wastewater from the synthesis, purification and washing of this product. In this research, methods and mathematical procedures have been developed to evaluate and predict the behaviour of nitro-aromatic compounds complex reactions during the TNR production process. An integrated design of semi continuous stirred tank type reactors was achieved in order to minimize the consumption of material resources and to reduce the dumping of waste into the environment. Programs developed by using PSI software were used to obtain the main variable profiles, consistent with the values taken by the experimental runs. The obtained phenomenological models by modelling were validated and the technological scheme of the proposal process was defined.es_ES
dc.publisherMilán: The Italian Association of Chemical Engineering Onlinees_ES
dc.titleTechnological proposal for treating wastewater contaminated with nitro aromatic compounds by simulationes_ES
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