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2016Distribution of Enteroinvasive and Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli across Space and Time in Northwestern EcuadorBhavnani, Darlene; Bayas, Rosa de los Angeles; López, Velma K.; Zhang, Lixin; Trueba, Gabriel; Foxman, Betsy; Marrs, Carl; Cevallos, William; Eisenberg, Joseph N.S.
jul-2017Clinical characterization and antimicrobial resistanceof Escherichia coli in pediatric patients with urinarytract infection at a third level hospital of Quito, EcuadorGarrido, David; Garrido, Santiago; Gutiérrez, Miguel; Calvopiña, Leonel; Harrison, Amani; Fuseau, Michelle; Salazar Irigoyen, Ramiro
2011In-roads to the spread of antibiotic resistance: regional patterns of microbial transmission in northern coastal EcuadorCevallos Trujillo, William Fernado; Eisenberg, Joseph N. S.; Jason, Goldstick; Trueba, Gabriel; Levy, Karen; Scott, James; Percha, Bethany; Segovia, Rosana; Ponce, Karina; Hubbard, Hubbard
2017The role of mobile genetic elements in the spread of antimicrobial resistant escherichia coli from chickens to humans in small-scale production poultry operations in rural EcuadorMoser, Kara A.; Zhang, Lixin; Spicknall, Ian; P. Braykov, Nikolay; Foxman, Betsy; Levey, Karen; F. Marrs, Carl; Trueba, Gabriel; Cevallos, William; Goldstick, Jason; Trostle, James; N. S. Eisenberg, Joseph
2015Spatial variability of escherichia coli in rivers of northern coastal EcuadorCevallos Trujillo, William Fernando; Rao, Gouthami; Eisenberg, Joseph N. S.; Kleinbaum, David G.; Trueba, Gabriel; Levy, Karen
2012Synergistic effects between rotavirus and coinfecting pathogens on diarrheal disease: evidence from a community-based study in northwestern EcuadorCevallos Trujillo, William Fernando; Bhavnani, Darlene; Goldstick, Jason E.; Trueba, Gabriel; Eisenberg, Joseph N. S.
2007High prevalence of enteroinvasive escherichia coli isolated in a remote region of northern coastal Ecuador.Cevallos, William; Vieira, Adia; Bates, Sarah; Solberg, Owen; Ponce, Karina; Howsmon, Rebecca; Trueba, Gabriel; Riley, Lee; Eisenberg, Joseph