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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)
2008Raising the level of analysis of food-borne outbreaksCevallos Trujillo, William Fernando; Trostle, James A.; Hubbard, Alan; Scott, James; Bates, Sarah J.; Eisenberg, Joseph N. S.
2006Environmental change and infectious disease: how new roads affect the transmission of diarrheal pathogens in rural EcuadorCevallos Trujillo, William Fernando; Eisenberg, Joseph N. S.; Ponce, Karina; Levy, Karen; Bates, Sarah J.; Scott, James C.; Hubbard, Alan; Vieira, Nadia; Endara, Pablo; Espine, Mauricio; Trueba, Gabrie; Riley, Lee W.; Trostle, James
2007Relating diarrheal disease to social networks and the geographic configuration of communities in rural EcuadorCevallos Trujillo, William Fernando; Bates, Sarah J.; Trostle, James; Hubbard, Alan; Eisenberg, Joseph N. S.
2015Spatial variability of escherichia coli in rivers of northern coastal EcuadorCevallos Trujillo, William Fernando; Rao, Gouthami; Eisenberg, Joseph N. S.; Kleinbaum, David G.; Trueba, Gabriel; Levy, Karen
2012Social connectedness and disease transmission: social organization, cohesion, village context, and infection risk in rural EcuadorCevallos Trujillo, William Fernando; Zelner, Jonathan L.; Trostle, James; Goldstick, Jason E.; House, James S.; Eisenberg, Joseph N. S.
2012Synergistic effects between rotavirus and coinfecting pathogens on diarrheal disease: evidence from a community-based study in northwestern EcuadorCevallos Trujillo, William Fernando; Bhavnani, Darlene; Goldstick, Jason E.; Trueba, Gabriel; Eisenberg, Joseph N. S.
2007Symptomatic and subclinical infection with rotavirus P[8]G9, rural EcuadorCevallos Trujillo, William Fernando; Endara, Pablo; Trueba, Gabriel; Solberg, Owen D.; Bates, Sarah J.; Ponce, Karina; Matthijnssens, Jelle; Eisenberg, Joseph N.S.