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28-ago-2016Association of Household Food Insecurity with the Mental and Physical Health of Low-Income Urban Ecuadorian Women with ChildrenWeigel, M. Margaret; Cevallos, William; Armijos, Rodrigo X.; Castro, Nancy P.
22-abr-2019Characterization of the mitochondrial genome sequences of the liver fluke Amphimerus sp. (Trematoda: Opisthorchiidae) from Ecuador and phylogenetic implicationsCevallos, William; Ma, Jun; Calvopiña Hinojosa, Segundo Manuel
1-feb-2015High Prevalence of the Liver Fluke Amphimerus sp. in Domestic Cats and Dogs in an Area for Human Amphimeriasis in EcuadorCalvopiña Hinojosa, Segundo Manuel; Cevallos, William; Atherton, Richard D.; Saunders, Matthew; Small, Alexander; Kumazawa, Hideo; Sugiyama, Hiromu
2-mar-2016I get height with a little help from my friends: herd protection from sanitation on child growth in rural EcuadorFuller, James A.; Villamor, Eduardo; Cevallos, William; Trostle, James; Eisenberg, Joseph N. S.
22-feb-2016Food Insecurity Is Associated with Undernutrition but Not Overnutrition in Ecuadorian Women from Low-Income Urban NeighborhoodsWeigel, M. Margaret; Armijos, Rodrigo X.; Racines, Marcia; Cevallos, William
27-sep-2021A dengue outbreak in a rural community in Northern Coastal Ecuador: An analysis using unmanned aerial vehicle mappingLee, Gwenyth O.; Vasco, Luis; Márquez, Sully; Zuniga-Moya, Julio C.; Van Engen, Amanda; Uruchima, Jessica; Ponce, Patricio; Cevallos, William; Trueba, Gabriel; Trostle, James; Berrocal, Veronica J.; Morrison, Amy C.; Cevallos, Varsovia; Mena, Carlos; Coloma, Josefina; Eisenberg, Joseph N. S.
11-oct-2021Gut microbiome, enteric infections and child growth across a rural-urban gradient: protocol for the ECoMiD prospective cohort studyLee, Gwenyth O; Eisenberg, Joseph N S; Uruchima, Jessica; Vasco, Gabriela; Smith, Shanon M; Engen, Amanda Van; Victor, Courtney; Reynolds, Elise; MacKay, Rebecca; Jesser, Kelsey J; Castro, Nancy; Calvopiña, Manuel; Konstantinidis, Konstantinos T; Cevallos, William; Trueba, Gabriel; Levy, Karen
9-feb-2015T. cruzi seroprevalence in ecuadorian pregnant womenCostales, Jaime A.; Sánchez-Gómez, Amaya; Silva-Aycaguer, Luis C.; Cevallos, William; Tamayo, Susana; Yumiseva, César A.; Jacobson, Jerry O.; Martini, Luiggi; Carrera, Caty A.; Grijalva, Mario J.
17-ago-2015The effects of selection pressure and genetic association on the relationship between antibiotic resistance and virulence in Escherichia coliLevy, Karen; Trueba, Gabriel; Cevallos, William; Trostle, James; Foxman, Betsy; Marrs, Carl F.; Eisenberg, Joseph N. S.
13-feb-2015Spatial Variability of Escherichia coli in Rivers of Northern Coastal EcuadorRao, Gouthami; Eisenberg, Joseph N. S.; Kleinbaum, David G.; Cevallos, William; Trueba, Gabriel; Levy, Karen