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2010Metabolic syndrome in the elderly living in marginal peri-urban communities in Quito, EcuadorEstrella Cahueñas, Bertha; Sempértegui, Fernando; Tucker, Katherine L; Hamer, Davidson H; Narvaez, Ximena
ago-2017Vitamin D status is associated with underweight and stunting in children aged 6–36 months residing in the ecuadorian AndesMokhtar, Rana R.; Holick, Michael F.; Sempértegui, Fernando; Griffiths, Jeffrey K.; Estrella, Bertha; Moore, Lynn L.
2011Air pollution and anemia as risk factors for pneumonia in ecuadorian children: a retrospective cohort analysisHarris, Aaron; Sempértegui, Fernando; Estrella, Bertha; Narváez, Ximena; Egas, Juan
2007Emergency room visits for respiratory conditions in children increased after Guagua Pichincha volcanic eruptions in April 2000 in Quito, Ecuador Observational StudyEstrella Cahueñas, Bertha Magdalena; Sempértegui, Fernando; Khurana, Gauri; Jagai, Jyotsna S; Játiva, Edgar
2017Etiology of severe pneumonia in ecuadorian childrenJonnatagadda, Silvani; Rodríguez, Oswaldo; Estrella, Bertha; Sabin, Lora L.; Sempértegui, Fernando; Hamer, Davidson H.
2008Growth and micronutrient status in children receiving a fortified complementary food.Fuenmayor, Guillermo; Lutter, Chessa; Rodríguez, Alicia; Ávila, Luz; Sempértegui, Fernando; Escobar, Jéssica
2009Micronutrient deficiencies are associated with impaired immune response and higher burden of respiratory infections in elderly ecuadoriansEstrella Cahueñas, Bertha; Sempértegui, Fernando; Tucker, Katherine L; Rodríguez, Alicia; Egas, Josefina
2014Decreased serum level of miR-146a as sign of chronic inflammation in type 2 diabetic patients.Baldeón, Lucy; Weigelt, Karin; De Wit, Harm; Ozcan, Behiye; van Oudenaren, Adri; Sempértegui, Fernando; Sijbrands, Eric; Grosse, Laura; Freire, Wilma; Drexhage, Hemmo; Leenen, Pieter
2002Assessment of the binax now streptococcus pneumoniae urinary antigen test in children with nasopharyngeal pneumococcal carriageEstrella, Bertha; Hamer, Davidson; Egas, Josefina; MacLeod, William; Griffiths, Jeffrey; Sempértegui, Fernando
jun-2015Type 2 Diabetes Monocyte MicroRNA and mRNA Expression: Dyslipidemia Associates with Increased Differentiation-Related Genes but Not Inflammatory ActivationBaldeón, Lucy; Weigelt, Karin; Wit, Harm de; Ozcam, Behiye; Van Oudenaren, Adri; Sempértegui, Fernando; Sijbrands, Eric; Grosse, Laura; Van Zonneveld, Anton-Jan; Drexhage, Hemmo A.; Leenen, Pieter