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1-feb-2015High Prevalence of the Liver Fluke Amphimerus sp. in Domestic Cats and Dogs in an Area for Human Amphimeriasis in EcuadorCalvopiña Hinojosa, Segundo Manuel; Cevallos, William; Atherton, Richard D.; Saunders, Matthew; Small, Alexander; Kumazawa, Hideo; Sugiyama, Hiromu
2018Diagnosis of amphimeriasis by LAMPhimerus assay in human stool samples long-term storage onto filter paperCevallos, William; Fernández Soto, Pedro; Calvopiña Hinojosa, Segundo Manuel; Buendía Sánchez, María; López Albán, Julio; Vicente, Belén; Muro, Antonio
22-abr-2019Characterization of the mitochondrial genome sequences of the liver fluke Amphimerus sp. (Trematoda: Opisthorchiidae) from Ecuador and phylogenetic implicationsCevallos, William; Ma, Jun; Calvopiña Hinojosa, Segundo Manuel
2018Locals get travelers' diarrhea too: risk factors for diarrheal illness and pathogenic E. coli infection across an urban-rural gradient in EcuadorSánchez, Xavier; Smith, Shanon M.; Montero, Lorena; Paez, Maritza; Ortega, Estefania; Hall, Eric; Bohnert, Kate; Puebla, Edison; Endara, Pablo Francisco; Cevallos, William; Trueba, Gabriel; Levy, Karen
2007High prevalence of enteroinvasive escherichia coli isolated in a remote region of northern coastal Ecuador.Cevallos, William; Vieira, Adia; Bates, Sarah J.; Solberg, Owen; Ponce, Karina; Howsmon, Rebecca; Trueba, Gabriel; Riley, Lee; Eisenberg, Joseph N. S.
2016I get height with a little help from my friends: herd protection from sanitation on child growth in rural EcuadorFuller, James A.; Villamor, Eduardo; Cevallos, William; Trostle, James; Eisenberg, Joseph N. S.
2017Determinants of short-term movement in a developing region and implications for disease transmissionKraay, Alicia; Trostle, James; Brouwer, Andrew; Cevallos, William; Eisenberg, Joseph N. S.
17-ago-2015The effects of selection pressure and genetic association on the relationship between antibiotic resistance and virulence in Escherichia coliLevy, Karen; Trueba, Gabriel; Cevallos, William; Trostle, James; Foxman, Betsy; Marrs, Carl F.; Eisenberg, Joseph N. S.
2013Molecular identification of giardia duodenalis in Ecuador by polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphismCevallos, William; Atherton, Richard D.; Bhavnani, Darlene; Calvopiña Hinojosa, Segundo Manuel; Vicuña, Yosselin; Eisenberg, Joseph N. S.
2016Distribution of Enteroinvasive and Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli across Space and Time in Northwestern EcuadorBhavnani, Darlene; Bayas, Rosa de los Angeles; López, Velma K.; Zhang, Lixin; Trueba, Gabriel; Foxman, Betsy; Marrs, Carl; Cevallos, William; Eisenberg, Joseph N. S.