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Título : A Survey of Machine Learning Methods for Big Data
Autor : Ruiz, Zoila
Salvador, Jaime
García Rodríguez, José
Palabras clave : BIG DATA
Fecha de publicación : 2017
Editorial : [s.l.]: Springer International Publishing
Citación : Ruiz, Zoila; Salvador, Jaime y García-Rodriguez, José (2017). A Survey of Machine Learning Methods for Big Data. Springer International Publishing, pp. 259–267.
Resumen : Nowadays there are studies in different fields aimed to extract relevant information on trends, challenges and opportunities; all these studies have something in common: they work with large volumes of data. This work analyzes different studies carried out on the use of Machine Learning (ML) for processing large volumes of data (Big Data). Most of these datasets, are complex and come from various sources with structured or unstructured data. For this reason, it is necessary to find mechanisms that allow classification and, in a certain way, organize them to facilitate to the users the extraction of the required information. The processing of these data requires the use of classification techniques that will also be reviewed.
URI : http://www.dspace.uce.edu.ec/handle/25000/13250
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