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Título : Coping strategies and quality of Life in elderly population
Autor : León Navarrete, Marco Marcelo
Flores Villavicencio, María Elena
Mendoza Ruvalcaba, Neyda
Colunga Rodríguez, Cecilia
Salazar Garza, Martha Leticia
Sarabi López, Luis Edmundo
Albán Pérez, Guido Germán
Palabras clave : ANCIANOS
Fecha de publicación : 2017
Editorial : [s.l.]: Scientific Research Publishing
Citación : León Navarrete, Marco Marcelo y otros (2017). Coping strategies and quality of Life in elderly population. Coping Strategies and Quality of Life in Elderly Population. Open Journal of Social Sciences , 5: 207-216
Resumen : The elderly represent a population group that requires a specific and integral approach that promotes its wellbeing and health. There are contextual factors experience during this life stage, such as the generation of diseases, which can influence negatively central aspects of life. One of the constructs that could be affected by these factors is the Quality of Life (QOL). The interaction between the contextual variables and QOL is mediated by the Coping Strategies (CS) that the individual applies to cope with the environmental challenges. The aim of this research was to analyze the differences in Quality of Life levels of the elderly, controlling for the type of Coping Strategies implemented. A transversal study was conducted, including a sample of 100 senior adults of the Metropolitan District of Quito, Ecuador. The participants signed a inform consent form and answered the Inventario de Estrategias de Afrontamiento (Survey of Coping Strategies) and the FUMAT Scale for the evaluation of QOL. The mean age was 74.6 years (SD = 5.5), being 64% women. We observed percentages lower than 50% in all QOL dimensions, being the material wellbeing, the subscale with lower scores. The CS more frequently reported were the problem resolution, the desiderative thinking and the self-criticism. The participants that referred to use the emotional expression as a coping strategy presented higher levels of QOL. The Quality of Life in the elderly is influenced by contextual factors, being necessary to provide them with strategies that can be used to cope with the life challenges in a more effective and adaptive way.
URI : http://www.dspace.uce.edu.ec/handle/25000/16323
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