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Título : Potential Deviation Factors Affecting Stereolithographic Surgical Guides: A Systematic Review
Autor : Da Silva, Salomao
Sigcho, Diego
García, Iván
Cruz, Dalva
Palabras clave : SURGERY
Fecha de publicación : 2019
Editorial : Quito
Citación : Da Silva S., Sigcho D., García I., Cruz D. (2019) Potential Deviation Factors Affecting Stereolithographic Surgical Guides: A Systematic Review. Implant Dentistry. 28 (1):68-73
Resumen : Currently, the application of computer-aided design and coordinated computer-aided manufacturing in implantology allows the virtual planning of positioning the dental implants, key in the longevity of the prosthesis, related to anatomical and prosthetic considerations. Surgical guide systems can be divided into static or dynamic. Static surgical guides are made in the laboratory through 3-dimensional printing (prototyping) known as stereolithographic (SLA) guides or perforations in templates made on the jaw models. They are called static because they do not allow modification of the planned position during the surgical procedure. Dynamic guides use a mechanical or optical system to transfer the virtual planning to the surgical field, displaying the process on a screen in real time. Stereolithographic guides can be single or multiple, the multitype guides are generally used with no stabilization screws, changing the guide as the drill diameter increases and have showed similar results than single type guides. Single guides use physical stops for different diameter of drills. Several deviations have been described in literature and therefore the aim of this study was to determine what factors are involved in accuracy of SLAguided surgery and howto prevent them.
URI : http://www.dspace.uce.edu.ec/handle/25000/17535
ISSN : 1056-6163
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