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Título : Congenital Syphilis in Ecuador is a still unsolved problem ?
Otros títulos : La sífilis congénita en Ecuador ¿ un problema aún sin resolver ?
Autor : González - Andrade, Fabricio
Aguinaga - Romero, Gabriela
Carrero, Yendd
Ocaña, Carolina
Palabras clave : Syphili
Disease prevention
Fecha de publicación : 20-sep-2021
Citación : González - Andrade F, Aguinaga - Romero G, Carrero Y, Ocaña C . Congenital Syphilis in Ecuador is a still unsolved problem ? . Kasmera. 20 2 1 ; 4 9 ( 2 ): e4 9 2 3 4108 . doi: 10.5281/ zenodo.5515407
Resumen : Congenital syphilis represents a public health problem. Despite the increases in prenatal care coverage, the actions implemented still show low effectiveness in their prevention. An epidemiological, observational, cross - sectional study is presented, in which data were obtained from the National Institu te of Statistics and Censuses (INEC) with the purpose of establishing the current situation of congenital syphilis in Ecuador, taking into consideration the data throughout the last years. According to the registries, no cases of late syphilis have been re ported for 6 years. The reports prior to 2004 are irregular, the data recorded from 2005 on are more reliable due to the mean and standard deviation data. There is a slight downward trend from 2003 to 2011 showing an increase of 200 reported cases in 2013. No detailed data was found as of 2016. Congenital syphilis still prevails, with a slightly higher prevalence in men, although the ratio (male / female) is kept at 1: 1. Since 2005 there is no significant variation. A downward slope is evident, but the mea n values would indicate a plateau during the last 7 years. This fact will determine a blockage of the expected decrease in the number of cases. There is no proper official data record. The prevalence in Ecuador for the year 2019 shows 320 reported cases, b ut it remains stationary, with Guayas being the most affected province. The prevention, control and monitoring guidelines must be reviewed by the health authorities
URI : http://www.dspace.uce.edu.ec/handle/25000/24641
ISSN : 2477-9628
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