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Título : Ten years (2004–2014) of Chagas disease surveillance and vector control in Ecuador: successes and challenges
Autor : Quinde Calderón, Leonardo
Ríos Quituizaca, Paulina
Solorzano, Luis
Dumonteil, Eric
Palabras clave : INSECTICIDAS
Fecha de publicación : 2015
Editorial : (s.l.): John Wiley & Sons
Citación : Quinde Calderón, Leonardo y otros (2015). Ten years (2004–2014) of Chagas disease surveillance and vector control in Ecuador: successes and challenges. Revista Tropical Medicine and International Health, 0(0), 1-9
Resumen : Objective To describe the current situation of Chagas disease in Ecuador and to evaluate the impact of vector control for the period 2004–2014. methods Since 2004, the Ministry of Public Health has formalized activities for the surveillance and control of Chagas disease and we analyzed here available records. results More than 200 000 houses were surveyed, and 2.6% were found to be infested (95% CI: 2.6–2.7), and more than 51 000 houses were sprayed with residual insecticide, with important yearly variations. A total of 915 cases of T. cruzi infection were registered. The Amazon region is emerging as a high priority area, where nearly half of T. cruzi infection cases originate. The costal region and the southern highland valleys remain important high-risk area. Vector control efforts over the past 10 years have been effective in the coastal region, where T. dimidiata predominates, and resulted in important reductions in house infestation indices in many areas, even reaching negligible levels in some parishes. conclusion Vector efforts need to be sustained and expanded for the elimination of T. dimidiata to be feasible. Novel vector control interventions need to be designed to reduce intrusion by several triatomine species present in the Amazon region and southern Ecuador. Strong political commitment is needed to sustain current achievements and improve the national coverage of these programmes.
URI : http://www.dspace.uce.edu.ec/handle/25000/5241
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