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Título : Association of Household Food Insecurity with the Mental and Physical Health of Low-Income Urban Ecuadorian Women with Children
Autor : Weigel, M. Margaret
Cevallos, William
Armijos, Rodrigo X.
Castro, Nancy P.
Fecha de publicación : 28-ago-2016
Editorial : Nueva York: Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Citación : Weigel, M. Margaret y otros (2016). Association of Household Food Insecurity with the Mental and Physical Health of Low-Income Urban Ecuadorian Women with Children. Journal of Environmental and Public Health, 2016, pp. 1-14
Resumen : Chronic physical and mental health conditions account for a rising proportion of morbidity, mortality, and disability in the Americas region. Household food insecurity (HFI) has been linked to chronic disease in US and Canadian women but it is uncertain if the same is true for low- and middle-income Latin American countries in epidemiologic transition. We conducted asurveytoinvestigatetheassociationofHFIwiththephysicalandmentalhealthof794womenwithchildrenlivinginlowincome Quito, Ecuador, neighborhoods. Data were collected on HFI and health indicators including self-reported health (SF-1), mental health (MHI-5), blood pressure, and self-reported mental and physical health complaints. Fasting blood glucose and lipids were measured in a subsample. The multivariate analyses revealed that HFI was associated with poorer self-rated health, low MHI5 scores, and mental health complaints including stress, depression, and ethnospecific illnesses. It was also associated with chest tightness/discomfort/pain, dental disease, and gastrointestinal illness but not other conditions. The findings suggest that improving food security in low-income households may help reduce the burden of mental distress in women with children. The hypothesized link with diabetes and hypertension may become more apparent as Ecuador moves further along in the epidemiologic transition.
URI : http://www.dspace.uce.edu.ec/handle/25000/7969
ISSN : 5256084
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